Umang App - A Technology Rich World for Senior Citizens!!

Most of what we do in the modern world is driven by technology. From simple tasks like ordering food, booking a transport or buying tickets, to bigger tasks like calling for services, getting products delivered from half way across the world; everything is digital. However, senior citizens often face the basic issue of lack of knowledge of advanced technology to be able to truly take advantage of this digitized world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to help unify senior citizens with technology; through an app! Now, senior citizens can use their mobile devices to avail of central, local, state and government services through agencies by using this functional app on their smartphones.

This app is called Umang; which stands for Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance. The app has been developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MietY) and the National e-Governance Division (NeGD) in unison. This new application has launched on the side-lines of the fifth Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS) which is held in New Delhi, India.

After BHIM, PM Modi launches UMANG app for government services

The Umang app has been created to facilitate the senior citizens of the country to use the various services of Government bodies. Modi stated that this sort of an integrated approach would automatically add an essence of peer performance pressure in these various Government agencies. This app was developed simply to assist the senior citizens with over one hundred citizen-centric services.

The Umang app must be authenticated by an individual using their Adhaar card. Once this is done, they can avail of the many services under this app, such as; Digilock, PayGov, Adhaar, and many other services. The citizens can use the app, SMS or even IVR channels to use these services.

Umang has also facilitated senior citizens to use many e-Governance services, such as filing their income tax, accessing their Provident Fund accounts, and even booking of gas cylinders. Not just that, parents can also use the Umang app to check the board results of their kids or grandkids.

Worried about senior citizens not being able to access the app because of language barriers? PM Modi has taken care of that too! The app is accessible in over 10 Indian Languages!

Umang has made the process of accessing e-Governance services simplified for senior citizens. Simply by using your Adhaar and phone number or location, senior citizens can access these e-Governance services without facing any obstacles.

UMANG Mobile App: How To Download, Advantages, Services:

The registration process for Umang app is also fairly simple; such that senior citizens can do it on their own. A one time authentication is required to register on Umang using OTP on the mobile. After filling a few security questions, simply set the MPIN and you are all set to start using the services of Umang!

For the more tech savvy senior citizens of India, you can even access your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts via the Umang app with a one touch login feature!

The app has been developed to welcome senior citizens into this digital-centric world which we are living in now. No one needs to feel left out using smart phones any longer. The user interface of Umang has specifically been created in the most simplistic manner so that even first time smart phone users can easily use Umang.

The Umang app can be downloaded on Android (version 4.4 and above) as well as on iOS (version 8.0 and above).