Mobdro App - Download and Review

In this 21st century the technology has become so great that you can now stream movies, TV shows with your smartphone itself. There are thousands of applications that could make this possible nowadays and most of them are available for free. Another great thing about these apps is that you can use it in all your gadgets like smartphone, laptops, tablets, iPads, etc.

Being platform independent, device independent and free, who doesn’t like it? There are more than thousands, even ten thousand application, but the best one till date is the mobdro application which is used to stream anything like movies, TV shows, Live sports, songs, cartoons, animes, documentary, etc.


Using the smart TV application known as Kodi, we can add the mobdro add-on and you can enjoy everything in your television itself, this is really great! What else do you need? All your TV shows and even more than that, everything streamed in high definition right from your television, that is really cool right? In this post we will discuss about the features, how to download it and also the reviews of the application from it’s users.

Features of Mobdro:

  1. Mobdro is completely free, however there is a premium version of the application which allows you get and do a lot more things. Like stream in 4K, download and save the videos form the application to your external storage, etc.
  2. After the latest update, you can even live stream some channels from popular countries with a little time delay, this is really cool. Most of these channels include, news channels, sports, etc.
  3. Another great life saving feature of this application is that you don’t need to subscribe premium membership in order to remove the ads from your application, the basic version of this application itself comes ad free.
  4. There is a convenient search bar in the application which can be used to find almost any video that is available in the application, you need to get into a section and search for it, you can search form the homepage to find any video in the application and it is quick too.
How to Install Mobdro?

  1. Since Mobdro is available for almost all the devices, there is no universal guide available for the installation process, the procedure is same and easy for all the devices like how you install other application on those device.
  2. For android users, you can simply download the application from the website and install it in your android smartphone how you install other applications, Make sure that you have allows unknown sources to install applications.
  3. In mac OS and iOS, you install the application directly using the safari browser, the installation of mobdro is apple device is the most easiest ones.
  4. In windows, Linux, and all you can run mobdro using some android or iOS emulator, this is a complex process, but still you can do it using these emulator and it will work perfectly!
  5. That’s all for now, hope you found this post useful to take a quick look on the mobdro application and it’s feature and also how to install it in various device and operating systems.