Google Fixes Bootloader Issue on Pixel 2

Google has just recently launched its newest pride, the Google Pixel 2. However, after being used by customers, Google faced quite a list of complaints with its model. This particular issue refers to the fact that many customers received their Google Pixel 2 with bootloaders which they could not unlock. One of the main reasons why Android smartphone users have a soft corner for Google Pixel and Nexus is because of the ease of ability to unlock the bootloaders if and when required. However, as users started facing this issue with Google, their annoyance with the model started increasing.

Being able to easily unlock the bootloader on your device has many distinct advantages, which is why users prefer Google’s Pixel and Nexus over other Android models. The luxury of being able to unlock the bootloader on Android devices means that users can use flash customer software on their devices without having to worry about voiding the warranty on their device. This is an issue which many Android users regularly face, as they might be tempted to unlock their bootloaders on their device to enjoy the benefits, but end up voiding their warranty and suffering even higher consequences.

How you can Conduct a Factory Reset on your Google Pixel 2 Devices?

However, there is good news for Google fans as Google was extremely speedy and efficient in fixing this issue. Now, Google Pixel 2 users are not facing any more issues relating to not being able to unlock their bootloaders on their Pixel 2 devices. Google’s official issue tracker has also confirmed that this issue has been completely fixed from Google’s end, and Pixel 2 users will need to restart their devices and enjoy the benefits of unlocking their bootloaders.

In order to conduct a factory reset on your Google Pixel 2 devices, you will need to follow a series of simple steps. Once you are done with the factory reset of your Google Pixel 2, you can simply restart your devices and unlock your bootloader with no further issues!


  • On your Google Pixel 2 devices, open the Settings option.
  • Next, go to System
  • You will find an option called Reset or Factory Reset.
  • Click on this option which says Erase All Data, or Factory Reset.

It is just that simple! Now that you have conducted the factory reset on your Google Pixel 2, you need to be aware that all of your previous data from your phone, contacts, messages and apps will all be erased. In case you have any important data to be saved, it is imperative that you back up all of this data safely on your cloud. In case you do not do this, you will lose all of your saved data without being able to restore it back ever again. Doing a factory reset will also delete all of your apps and any customizations which you have made on your Google Pixel 2.

When the Google Pixel was first launched, users needed to download a third part app for rooting the first generation Pixel phones. This would cause that issue of their device’s warranty being nullified. However, developers have successfully developed the appropriate tools for rooting the Google Pixel phones without the need of a third party app. This has been made public and accessible to all users.